Pot Luck Webseries is proudly created by...

Fired Up Productions

Fired Up Productions creates quality screen works that look at the world from a different perspective.

Our work embraces strong characters who speak and act with authenticity, and creating kick-ass female characters with agency.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion on both sides of the camera comes from our desire to give voice and validation to those who seldom see themselves onscreen.

Founded by Producer Robin Murphy and Writer/Director Ness Simons from Wellington, New Zealand, we are passionate people driven to tell compelling stories on screen... and we are Fired Up!

  Ness Simons (Writer/Director) and Robin Murphy (Producer)

Ness Simons (Writer/Director) and Robin Murphy (Producer)

In addition to making Pot Luck we have a range of other projects in development. Want to know more? Get in touch with us today!