Pot Luck started out as an idea in the head of Writer/Director Ness Simons, and grew into a six-part original webseries grounded in the friendship of a group of Wellington lesbians. Telling stories for a community who hardly ever get to see themselves on screen is something Ness is really passionate about, and this naturalistic comedy offers a taste of local life in three great flavours.

Watch Pot Luck Season One here Pot Luck Season Two is coming 10th December 2017, so get ready for six more episodes of Debs, Beth and Mel negotiating friendship, family, and finding love.

  LEFT TO RIGHT -   Mel (Nikki Si'ulepa)  , Debs (Anji Kreft) and Beth (Tess Jamieson-Karaha)

LEFT TO RIGHT - Mel (Nikki Si'ulepa), Debs (Anji Kreft) and Beth (Tess Jamieson-Karaha)

DEBS is a shy butch with a heart of gold who's been keeping things strictly platonic since her heart was broken six years ago. A security guard and avid comic fan, the weekly dinners with her two best mates are the highlight of her social life. Throughout the series Debs discovers whether she's ready to get back out there...

MEL is Debs best mate, and a bit of a player. A bar-owner and lover of the good life, Mel can be a little careless with her friends sometimes. Throughout the series Mel starts to question her life choices, and her relationship with Beth.

BETH is Mel's ex-girlfriend, and the most responsible person in the group. A lesbrarian and  carer for her mother Eileen, Beth's story sees her explore whether there's more to life than always doing the right thing.

When the pact is thrown down in episode one these three women turn their weekly pot luck dinners into a standing date, with a range of different women appearing along the way. Fun, sexy, and occasionally ridiculous... look out world New Zealand's first lesbian webseries is coming at you!

With season one available online we're working hard on making a second season happen in 2017. The series has been shot, the edit suite has been running hot, and now we're just putting the finishing touches on the six new episodes... Watch this space!